in a coconut shell

Lifestyle and wellness upgrades are becoming increasingly evident amongst discerning
millennial consumers. With coconut milk being a mainstay in many Asian dishes – across
curries, desserts, and sauces – Wrizerfood sought to up the culinary ante by conceptualizing a product which can deliver the same familiar taste, with increased nutritional benefits.


chef's suggestions

Curry Chicken

Splendid for creating a rich and creamy consistency within, Wizefood's coconut cream bar will make a robust addition to all your curry recipes.

35 Mins

Creamy Turmeric Pasta

A simple but wholesome meal that is as delicious as it is healthy. Turmeric brings out a bolder flavor in this dish, enhancing both taste and health benefits.

20 Mins


The popular and well loved dish in Malaysia is now made even better; by marrying the rich and tender beef stew together with wizefood's frozen coconut cream.

35 Mins

Coconut Bread

Fresh out of the oven with a slightly sweet and buttery fragrance, the Wizefood Frozen Coconut Bar adds exceptional richness to your coconut bread.

60 Mins

perks of a wize coconut

Using innovative technology to lock in nature's benefits

Exceptional Value for Money

Adheres to Vegan & Dairy Free philosophies

Packed with essential nutrients

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