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MALAYSIA, KUALA LUMPUR, 18 JANUARY 2021–Wrizerfood F&B SdnBhd has officially introduced Wizefood Frozen Coconut Cream, an additive-free, contemporary take on the traditional packaged coconut milk.

Besides being a healthier substitute for coconut milk, the Frozen Coconut Cream is processed with the purity of the product in mind. This ensures that the goodness and quality of the finest, fully ripened coconuts stays intact, resulting in a consistent, rich, and versatile product.

Rather than delivering the product in liquid form, the brand enhances the freshness of the Frozen Coconut Cream with its freezing technology, delivering it in the form of a frozen bar. This results in an extended shelf-life and seals in the nutrients of the ingredient source.

The product comes in a box of 900g (180g x 5pcs).

The Company’s Ethos

Lifestyle and wellness upgrades are becoming increasingly evident amongst discerning millennial consumers. With coconut milk being a mainstay in many Asian dishes – across curries, desserts, and sauces – Wrizerfood sought to up the culinary ante by conceptualizing a product which can deliver the same familiar taste, with increased nutritional benefits.

In crafting each of their products, the process, quality, and ingredients are considered above all. Our marketing team, advocates of honest, good food state, “We’re constantly striving to set the standard of authentic and wholesome food. We want our customers to trust that our ingredients remain of high quality and come to rely on our consistency in their culinary sanctuaries.” 

Especially in the current climate, Wrizerfood believes that sustainability is paramount. The company possesses a deep appreciation for the amount of care, passion, as well as work that goes into each coconut, and prioritizes giving back to the industry through sustainable practical means such as ethical sourcing.

The company believes in accumulating virtue by offering healthy ingredients to the kitchens of society, keeping to the ethos of making the world a better place with food.

About Wrizerfood F&B SdnBhd:

Wrizerfood F&B SdnBhd is a Malaysia-based company which specialises in the manufacturing of coconut products. Established on the 30th May 2011, the company has accumulated nearly two decades of industry expertise, and has expanded its distribution range to Europe, China, and Singapore.

While each offered is distinct, they are all united with a carefully considered sense of purpose and a commitment to creating immaculate products that are accessible to all.

Wrizerfood F&B SdnBhd also produces coconut paste, squares, milk, sugar, virgin coconut oil, and desiccated coconut, amongst others.