Coconut Lime Cupcake

replacing milk with coconut cream


preparation time
30 mins
cook time
60 mins
2 pax


10g sugar
2g agar-agar powder
60g green lime juice
60g water
1g green lime zest


1. Premix agar-agar powder with sugar.
2. In a pot, heat up water, green lime juice and lime zest. Bring it to a boil
over medium heat. Then, add sugar premix.
3. Boil for another minute while stirring constantly.
4. Remove from heat and pour the mixture into a sterilized steel container.
5. Let it cool completely to room temperature and store in the fridge.


1. Keep the tip of the blade inside the centre of the cupcake, and cut
a cone out of the cupcake, about 2cm deep.
2. Insert the lime jelly cubes into the hole of the cupcake.
3. Frost the cupcakes using a piping bag with crème chantilly.

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